James Aspinall Junior Developer

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Hello, I'm James

I am a Junior Developer, who loves frontend design.

I live in Bronte; love the ocean as well as motorbikes & my best mate Cooper (he's over there). After 11 years in IT Recruitment, I finally got the chance to pursue my passion and enrolled in General Assembly's first Software Engineering course. A VERY intense 13 week, full-time course on full stack development.

During My Course We Covered

We covered the full stack of modern software development. With a focus on Javascript and its popular frameworks, React & Vue. As well as this, we looked at backend tech such as Ruby on Rails & NodeJS. I can tell you the whole list when we met for a coffee!

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General Assembly
Mar 2019 - Jun 2019

Followed my dream and pursued my passion for development. I enrolled in the first Software Engineering course to train a full stack developer. My goal is to become a Frontend Developer.

Business Owner
Aug 2017 - Mar 2019

Following 11 years in recruitment, I started my own company with my partner specialing in Automation Testing, DevOps & Development partnering with FinTechs & Startups assembling agile teams.

Attribute Group
Feb 2014 - Jul 2017

Senior Recruiter specialising in automation testing. Worked closely with Test and Development Managers to build agile testing teams to designing & building automation frameworks from scratch.

Move To Sydney
Jan 2014

As beautiful as Stoke-on-Trent is... I wanted to explore the world and experience sunshine. While I had the chance I sold everything I had, packed my bags and jumped on a flight with no job & no plan!

What I Have Learnt & Projects


Weeks One To Six

  • Tools & IDE Induction
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Project 1


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Weeks Seven To Thirteen

  • Ruby on Rails
  • npm & nodeJS
  • ReactJS & VueJS
  • GatsbyJS

Project 2

Daycare CRM

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Extras On The Side

  • Udemy: Adavance CSS & Sass
  • Hours of Homework
  • Udemy: React & Hooks
  • Meetup: SydJS
  • Meetup: ReactSydney

Project 3


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